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  • arden Broom Outdoor Heavy Duty – If you are looking for a durable stiff broom ideal for use outdoors both in wet and dry conditions, this outside broom is the right one for you. This hard bristle broom has strong synthetic bristles which can cleanly sweep large and small debris, and won't rot when they get wet.
  • Easy to Assemble Yard Broom with Strong Metal Handle – The 110cm broom handle has a metal screw thread connector that simply screws into the stiff broom head, giving a strong instant connection. The handle of this hard broom outdoor is made of steel which is then coated in anti-rust paint to give it a smooth finish.
  • Wide Outdoor Sweeping Brush Head to Save Time on Cleaning – 
  • Built to Last − No more buying cheap inferior brooms which flood the market but break in no time at all, leaving you back at square one! This garden outdoor broom stiff brush is built to last and can last through tough jobs.

Stiff Yard Brush Heavy Duty Outdoor Broom

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