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Dr Schutz Next Generation Flooring Solution

Cleaning the Office


Floor Restoration

Design your Own Floor On-LINE with Dr Schutz using the Free Tool by Creative Techniques 

Dr Protection (

Dr. Schutz offers tailor-made, tailor-made solutions for all sectors: retail, hotels and restaurants, kindergartens and schools, the healthcare sector and many more. The Dr. Schutz Mission: Your floor as an eye-catcher! Your floor as a highlight! We work on this with passion and meticulousness in consultation and execution. We are only satisfied when you are.


Virobac Sealer Floor Protection

This antimicrobial technology works because of the principle of photodynamics. The non-toxic photocatalysts in Virobac coating absorb nearby light (400–700 nm) and convert it into singlet oxygen. These reactive oxygen species quickly and efficiently kill bacteria, viruses, fungi, and spores by oxidising their outer cell membrane. The singlet oxygen produced is large enough to kill all the germs present on the surface, but small enough to avoid being released into the air surrounding it, ensuring it is non-toxic for humans and the environment. 


ESD Conductive Floors

Electrical discharges can cause substantial damage to electronic parts in production, which can lead to considerable damages of the manufactured products. Therefore modern factories are provided with conductive floors. ESD floors must be regularly tested for sufficient conductivity in accordance with IEC 61340-5-1:2016 and ANSI 20.20. In cases where the floor is no longer sufficiently conductive, conductivity is restored again with the Dr. Schutz ESD Floor Systems.

Dr Schutz Floor Restoration & Protection with Virobac Sealer

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In Partnership with

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This is a unique permanent sealer that provides protection to the floor surface against the migration of dirt and fluids . Traditional medical , Pharma and other facilities apply a polish to the floor surface which is the wrong method to use as it attracts dirt and bacteria and viruses to the surface . The Dr Schutz method of applying permanent sealers will stop the application of polishes to floor surfaces permanently . This has the benefit of protecting the floor from dirt and fluid migration . Virobac is a unique technology because all it requires to work is light. Natural sunlight and room lighting both work well, meaning there’s no need for UV treatment. It doesn’t need moisture to kill germs efficiently and therefore works on dry surfaces. Plus, we are proud to say there is no evidence of any formation of resistance to bacteria and viruses on coronavirus -treated surfaces. 

Dr Schutz Sports Hall Renovation

Instant Transformation & Design

  • Whether it is an assembly hall, caféteria or foyer – with floor remake rooms are modernized, refashioned and shine in a new design. All this without having to lay a new floor.

  • Pioneering innovations, along with the continuous improvement of existing product systems are the central focus of our research and development work. Thereby quality and safety of application play as important a part as sustainability and protection of the environment.

Dr Schutz ESD Flooring

Because we know how important your ESD floor is

  • Our systems have been tested and certified by many institutes to meet global standards (EPH, FIGR, MPA)

  • Are monitored and recommended by leading audit companies (God min, ESD Protect)

  • Have been installed on over 50 million square metres in industrial facilties worldwide

  • Are used in the EPA areas of most of the world’s leading electronic manufacturers, as well as the chemical, pharmaceutical and automotive industry

  • Are recommended by ESD floor manufacturers around the world

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