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  1. Sanitary cleaner: the sanitary base cleaner SW Power Gel is an acidic gel cleaner concentrate based on phosphoric acid. Use the sanitary cleaner SW Power Gel for basic cleaning in sanitary areas.
  • Suitable for: the sanitary cleaner is suitable for cleaning in the bathroom and for removing heavy dirt in urinals, toilets, urinal and toilet. Warning, not suitable for delicate materials.
  • Powerful: remove stubborn residues such as limescale, soap residue, urine, yellowing and other general dirt with the sanitary cleaner.
  • Use: To remove deposits, the toilet cleaner can be simply sprayed under the toilet edge. After a short exposure time, rework with the toilet brush and rinse.
  • LORITO: Lorito has been producing and distributing high-quality cleaning agents for the professional, commercial customer since 1923. We are your specialist for professional cleaning supplies and cleaning products.

Power Gel Lorito Sanitary Cleaner, Limescale Remover

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