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Bioactivator septic tanks and microstations - reserve for 1 year (1.3 kg)


10x speed – Eezym dissolves all organic residues 10 times faster than our previous bioactivators. It also breaks down fats faster, so emptying the pit is no longer necessary!


Anti-odor – Correct biodegradation prevents unpleasant odors


Regulating flora – Optimizes the presence of beneficial bacteria needed for better biodegradation.


Natural – No toxins, preservatives or other unnecessary ingredients. Its formula is based on ENZYMES and contains beneficial bacteria, carefully selected for their effectiveness.

One box is enough for approx. 12 months of treatment.


Way of ussage:


Discard the recommended dose weekly in the toilet bowl:


For 1-4 people: 1 dose/week


For 5-8 people: 2 doses/week



Quantity: 1.3 kg

Septic Tank Cleaner/Mantainer 12 months treatment 1.3 kg

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