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The Icemaster 50 Manual Gritter (Black) – Push Along Gritter for Schools, Businesses & Roadside Use – 50-Litre Walk Behind Salt Spreader

Features of the Icemaster 50. 

  • The corrosion-free Durapol material hopper holds up to 55kg of dry de-icing salt or Icemelt for fast snow removal in car parks, schools, businesses & pathways
  • Features a broadcast spinner plate for even consistent spread and a rotary-agitator which breaks up the de-icing salt. The faster you walk, the further it spreads (recommended speed of 3mph)
  • Adjustable flow control mechanism determines the amount of gritting material released from the hopper to the spinner – the higher the number the thicker the spread
  • Directional control enables one-side spreading. Supplied un-assembled – self-assembly is required for this product
  • Made in the UK. Manufacturer 1 Year Product Warranty Included. *Please note, we highly recommend NOT using wet gritting material with this product*






  • Travel speed for spreading Steady walk Feeder Holes Spread in Metres Approx Grams per m Approx Coverage for a Full Hopper 25kg Approx Linear Distance on Full Hopper Fully Open 3m 63g 400m 130m Half Open 3m 40g 625m 210m Recommended amount of salt per m Based on using British 6mm Road Site Precautionary Frost Protection Frost Clearance Snow Clearance 10g per m 20g per m 30g per m

Suitable to use with our 25kg Bags of Salt


€473.55 Regular Price
€402.52Sale Price
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