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This professional window cleaning set is described as the the window cleaners dream as it contains all necessary tools needed for professional window cleaning.

 The window cleaning kit includes the following:

  • window washer 35cm to wash the windows. 
  • Window squeegee blade and rubber in 2535 and 45cm to leave a streak free finish on the windows.
  • One Universal handle for window squeggee or scraper. 
  • A single replacement rubber of 92cm which can be cut to size.
  • It contains a floor scraper with plastic grip
  • window scraper with 10 replacement blades.
  • A single green microfiber cloth 30x40cm. 
  • To reach different height use our lightweight 3x0.50mtr telescopic aluminium pole. 

Other benefits are 

  • the cracked joint which can be used in conjunction with our cobweb remover to cobwebs or excessive dust.
  • Sponge for Fixi Clamp (not included)


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