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Kiddy Nappy bin has a 23ltr capacity for used nappies, that is pedal operated. Ideal for closed spaces such as nursery schools, swimming-pools, pediatric clinic but also in restaurants and bars. Made of polypropylene copolymer, shock-proof and recyclable material. Complete with cage for deodorant or disinfectant and smooth round surfaces for easy cleaning.

Key Features:

  • Innovative and practical design studied to satisfy specific needs of security and hygiene.
  • Totally made of polypropylene co-polymer, shock-proof and recyclable.
  • Pedal opening and wide cover opening (H=17 cm) that inhibits the sight of the content and prevents the release of any odour.
  • The pedal is totally inside the bin structure (internal pedal) for a better stability.
  • Complete with cage for deodorant or disinfectant pills and bag stretcher.
  • Already assembled.
  • Reduced overall dimensions.
  • Smooth and round surface for an easy cleaning.

Technical Specifications:

Capacity 23ltr


    Height 42cm

    Width 20cm 

     Length 67cm

Gross Weight 1.8 Kg

Net Weight 2.6Kg


Kiddy Nappy Bin 23 Litre

€59.04 Regular Price
€41.33Sale Price
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