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 This Irish Organic Weed Off is an Irish manufactured concentrate organic weed killer that can be used by everyone. It is safe to use in playgrounds, parks and recreational areas. 

After using Irish Organic Weed Off in Flowerbeds allow 2 days before any planting.  

When to use the Irish Organic Weed Off ?

For best results only apply Irish Organic Weed Off  during dry weather conditions when weeds are actively growing this kills weeds immediately, you will see visible results within hours. Ensure the weather forecast predictions are for an extended dry period further to application. Always try to avoid windy weather conditions as it is difficult to fully control spraying in the wind and could result in damage to other flowers. 

How to use Irish Organic Weed Off : 
Mix with water as follows;

Low lying grass and weeds:  8 parts water to 1 part concentrate

Tall grass and weeds:            parts water to 1 part concentrate
Persistent weeds:                  4 parts water to 1 part concentrate


Then simply spray onto required area and ensure complete coverage of target weeds and grasses. For taller weeds, spray underside of leaves also.

Remember Irish Organic Weed Off is a Non-Selective weed killer and as such will kill plant growth wherever sprayed.

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