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Industry Ergo is a modern, hand-operated pressure sprayer with a capacity of 1 litres. 

The advanced technical solutions used in Industry Ergo Hand Sprayers make the work effortlessly. The Hand Pressure Sprayer suited perfectly for application of cleaning and disinfecting various surfaces and spaces, car washes or gardening.
Main Features of Industry Ergo Pressure Sprayer:

  • 3D Flex construction ensures unbreakable operation in all positions.
  • Adjustable nozzle allows getting a different spray angle.
  •  The safety valve as a convenient button integrated into the shape of the head allows controlling pressure in the tank
  • The Industry Ergo White is equipped with the acid-resistant seal (VITON).
  • Scale in litres and gallons
  • Translucent tank for easy visibility of liquid's level




Total Capacity: 1ltr

Working Capapcity: 1ltr

Pressure: 0.4MPa

Net Weight: 0.52kgd


    Industrial Sprayer Acid Resistant 1 Litre

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