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Un-Bloc-It (Drain Unblocker Liquid ) is an ideal solution for blocked drains, pipes or sinks. Its highly concentrated component (96% Sulphuric Acid) that easily dissolves organic matter such as hair, grease, leaves, fats, slugs, paper etc.

Un-Bloc-It goes through standing water and works immediately after application. This Drain Unblocker Liquid can be used on domestic drains, sink-, bath-, shower drains or toilet. Built-in inhibitors protect drains and conduits from damage. It is not suitable to use on chrome, brass, aluminium, zinc and stainless steel.

UnBloc-It Drain Unblocker comes in a ready to use solution. 

Un-Bloc-It  Drain Unblocker Liquid does not harm your septic tank.

Direction when used:

- Always Protect your hands, eyes and respiratory using gloves, goggles and mask; 

- Never Mix UnBloc-It with other chemicals;
- Never Add water to this product;
- Never Use a plunger with this product;
- After use simply flush the drains with copious amounts of water;
- If the drain is still blocked, repeat the procedure and allow longer penetration. 

Drain Cleaner Unblocker Liquid 900ml

€14.76 Regular Price
€12.55Sale Price
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