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Use quick acting De-Icer Don't get caught out this winter keep this in your car at all times for quick and easy de-icing. 

No need to stand and scrape ice off your windscreen, simply spray the de-icer wait then go. 

Remember it is better to use De-icer than causing damage to your windscreen by scraping. 

Better to use De-icer instead of risking a cracked windscreen using boiling water. 

For a fast efficient high performance ice removal use de-icer directly where the ice has built up. 

The De-Icer trigger bottle has an adjustable sprayhead for mist or direct spray.

All De-Icers have a Off Setting on the sprayhead to avoid potential accidents. 

De-Icer (6x750ml)

€19.68 Regular Price
€13.78Sale Price
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