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  • Contains whiteness technologies

  • Advanced performance formula

  • Pleasant and fresh scent


Enjoy long-lasting freshness in your laundry. Daz laundry detergent combines high-efficiency cleaning with a pleasant, lasting fragrance. It’s designed to leave clothes and linens not only spotlessly clean but also smelling fresh and inviting. Ideal for hospitality businesses, including hotels and spas, where a subtle scent adds to the guest experience. You'll find that our product offers 100 generous shots per bottle, ensuring long-lasting effectiveness. Shop now!

Daz Professional Washing Powder Regular 6.5KG

  • rand : DAZ

    Type : Powder

    Volume : 6.5 kg

    Number of Shots : 100

    Scent : Original

    Packaged Quantity : 1

    Weight : 6.5 kg

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