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CALGON 3 in 1

Thanks to its 3 in 1 formula, Calgon offers you full protection for a protected, clean and ultra-cool washing machine.

Used with each wash, it has a triple action: it protects the washing machine from limescale and prevents breakage, prevents dirt and detergent residues and helps to prevent the formation of bad odours inside the washing machine.

Hard water and limestone

Hard water is a water containing high concentrations of calcium, magnesium and other minerals in solution. It causes the following issues:

the accumulation of limescale on the coil, in the basket, in the pipes and sleeves, which can promote flooding and premature breakage of the appliance

the poor foaming of the detergent and its reduced effectiveness, which involve the use of higher doses for washing the accumulation of limestone on the fibers of clothing, which lose their softness.


How does Calgon work?

When the washing machine no longer washes well the fault can be the limestone that corrodes and ruins the vital parts of the washing machine and dirt that accumulates in the hidden parts at the end of washing. Use Calgon 2in1 each wash for a protected and clean washing machine.

When is Calgon used?

Use Calgon at every wash and at any temperature to protect your washing machine from limestone. Add the recommended dose of Calgon to your normal detergent in the main tray.

How much detergent should I use?

With Calgon you will only need the amount of detergent recommended for washing in fresh water, depending on the type of cycle and fabric you select.

Can Calgon be used for all appliances?

No, all Calgon products are specifically formulated for machine use, at every wash and at any temperature.

When can I use Calgon? On what fabrics?

Calgon is suitable for all fabrics.


Prevents the accumulation of limescale and dirt and detergent residues in the hidden parts of the washing machine.Provides protection of your washing machine from limestone, keeping it clean and disinfected


Effective protection against limescale, helps prevent washing machine breakage and odours. Suitable for all types of fabrics.

It combines anti-limescale protection with bactericidal ingredients that eliminate up to 99.9% of bacteria in the washing machine.


Use Calgon every wash. Add Calgon to your usual detergent in the main tray. Use the recommended detergent dosage for fresh water.Daily Anti-Limescale Protection: Use Calgon Hygiene+ Gel every wash in addition to your usual detergent in the detergent drawer. Bactericidal disinfectant action: Use Calgon Hygiene+ Gel once a month or after 15 washes.

Calgon Gel 3-in-1 Water Softener 750ml

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