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Air fresheners Air Power They are ideal for large surfaces, offices, premises, so it is advisable to spray at a distance of approximately 1.5 meters from any object and as high as possible.
The nozzle of the diffuser allows to extract the product in miniscule particles. This makes it easier for it to stay in suspension for longer and adhere better to any type of surface, which prolongs its durability.

Continuous spraying allows flavoring great stays quickly and efficiently.
Air Power is characterized by being concentrated fragrances, which improves the performance of the product.
The entire range is characterized by highly durable aromas that help create a unique atmosphere of well-being



Technical data
Size: 36 cm
Capacity: 750 ml.


Specific for the immediate freshness of any type of environment.

Spray only once towards the center of the area to be scented.

The pulse should be brief. Propulsion range is 3-5 meters


Air freshener Air-Power 750ml

€10.95 Regular Price
€7.67Sale Price
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