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50ltr Atlas Bin with Yellow Plastic Lid

Sorting is easy with Atlas fit bins. The exclusive bin range stands out for shaped covers designed to make sorting waste collection intuitive, therefore easy, thus promoting recycling.

Shaped covers are available colour coded to customize the collection of different types of waste, making handling easier.
Atlas fit bins are designed to be fixed to the wall to meet different collecting needs.
The YELLOW lid is suggested for PLASTIC collection in places such as hotels, schools, hospitals, restaurants, food industries, canteens and public places.


  • Made of high quality polypropylene copolymer.
  • Light, shock -proof, heavy duty and low temperature resistant.
  • Easy to use , handy to move and pleasant on the eye.
  • Easy and quick to clean thanks to smooth and rounded surfaces.
  • Easy emptying thanks to convenient grips.
  • It can be equipped with practical bag stretcher .
  • Latex- free product.
  • Can also be wall mouthed.


Material: Polypropylene copolymer -PSV.
Capacity: 50 LTR
Colour: White and Yellow
Weight: 1.764 KG
Size: 31.5x 39x61 CM
Volume: 0.094 M3


Can be used to collect your Re-Turn Bottles prior to bringing them to a Re-Turn station to get your deposit back :)



Recommended bags to use 26"x44" Green Biodegradable Refuse Bag

50ltr Atlas Bin with Yellow Plastic Lid

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