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Our large 660ltr Wheelie Bin is manufactured in high-density polyethlene (HDPE). Resistant to frost, heat and chemicals, stabilised against UV radiation. Zinc-plated, corrosion resistant metal parts.

Standard emptying options of either DIN or comb-lifting device.
Quiet running, full rubber heavy-duty castors of 200mm diameter, 360degree swivel range. Wheel
stop brake system (dual Stop) as standard feature, alternatively available with central braking
system (ring office for this further information).
Frontal comb equipped with a chipnest to accommodate data carriers in accordance with DIN30745
and RAL GS 951/1
Optimised for high stacking with strong stacking ribs, therefore saving space for storage and
transportation. A drain plug in the bottom facilitates cleaning. Conforms to requirements of directive
The mobile garbage bins are marked with the CE and appropriate decibel level.
Dimensions: H1215 x W1370 x D794mm
Capacity: 660ltr

Wheelie Bin 660 Ltr

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