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The new MGB neo generation of containers is based on innovative development techniques that Craemer specifically created for this type of wheelie bin. Characteristic features such as uniform wall thickness thanks to a new manufacturing process, reinforcement profiles on all side walls for added strength and enhanced structural integrity make this range both innovative and robust.

The improved bin design for stacking makes for a more efficient and cost-effective use of storage space. The saving in space could reduce storage costs by up to 30%. Lower storage and transport volumes will also reduce the carbon footprint.

The new MGB neo wheeled bin range is available with standard 200mm wheels or larger 250mm wheels for easier handling. The 30mm diameter ergonomic handle ensures a safe grip. Lid replacements are made easy by quick release lid pins.

MGB wheelie bins made of high-quality high-density polyethylene.

Manufactured by compact injection moulding

MGB wheelie bins according to EN 840

Available in a variety of colours and combinations

Compliant with noise reduction regulations

Wheelie Bin 120 L Black

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