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Anti-slip effect tested by UL laboratories

Bacteriostatic protective action and high level of shine for an easy maintenance

Suitable for spray cleaning and spray buffing systems with an anti-yellowing effect


Bacteriostatic emulsion formulated with acrylic and polyurethane polymers to guarantee highest shine and tread resistance. Anti-yellowing formula. Antistatic effect. Resistant to washing with disinfectants, even alcohol based, if used correctly and with the correct dilution. Registered with Underwriters Laboratories Inc. as anti-slip, high resistance wax



BACTERIOSTATIC BARRIER: bacteria do not deposit for 12 months!*


Meteor Maxima contains a percentage of calibrated zinc ion that activates a quickly bacteriostatic protective action on the treated surfaces. It creates a barrier that blocks uncontrolled settlement of microorganisms and bio-weeds, acting in a targeted way on germs and bacteria (including escherichia coli, pseudomonas aeruginosa and staphylococcus aureus): laboratory tests show how, after only 24 hours, more than 99% of the bacteria are effectively and long-lasting rejected, without the need to use any further sensitizing or short-lasting agents. Even if subjected to the daily and prolonged cleaning operations, the zinc ion particles do not disperse but remain active and stable on the film in which they are incorporated, guaranteeing long-lasting performances. Meteor Maxima complies with ISO 22196-2011 which determines the methodology of bacterial detection on surfaces. The reference method allows for the quantitative measurement of the presence of bacteria on materials treated with bacteriostatic substances

Meteor Maxima Bacteriostatic Floor Polish 1x5 L

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