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The vertical hand dryer Esenia V (silver), one of the most reliable professional hand dryers, is equipped with a latest generation motor that guarantees a much longer operating time than in the case of classic hand dryers. 

It has new LCD display technology, the dryer being controlled by a microprocessor. The high-speed motor produces powerful V-shaped jets that ensure instant hand drying. The dryer is equipped with a tank for collecting water, so the water will not run on the floor.


The Esenia V vertical hand dryer is used successfully in areas with intense traffic (up to 1000 daily uses). Hand positioning sensors allow it to start and stop automatically. A sensor located at the base of the unit detects fully inserted hands and initiates the airflow. Another sensor positioned in the upper part of the device detects when the hands have been withdrawn and stops.

Hands never touch the device, making it very hygienic.

Technical specifications of Esenia vertical hand dryer (silver):

Power: 1650 W                                                                                                                    

Voltage: 220-240V

Drying time: 5-7 seconds

Air speed: 100 m/s

Weight: 11 Kg

Noise level: 70 dB

Hepa filter: YES

Air temperature: 40° C

Reliable motor, hand dryer safety class: IP23

Electrical insulation class: II (does not require grounding)

Recommended traffic: heavy

Dimensions: 297 x 195 x 671 mm

This product is very easy to assemble and take care of, requiring no maintenance.

The price includes the EEE green stamp fee.  

The hand dryer is delivered with the complete installation kit.

It can include, as the case may be: dowels, screws, double-adhesive tapes. You will also receive, upon delivery, the assembly diagram and all the necessary documentation for the complete safe operation of the dryer.

Hand Dryer Vertical V-Silver with HEPA Filter

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