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This powerful Irish made concentrated acidic cleaner was designed for builders to clean concrete, driveways, and brickwork. It will easily remove cement residues, limescale, rust, uric acid oil and grease from all concrete and brick surfaces.


For removing oil stains off concrete or brick it is important to wet the ground first, then apply a pre-mixed solution of concrete and driveway cleaner at 5:1. brush this in vigorously allowing 20 to 25min contact time but do not allow the solution dry out. Once the stain is removed is important to rinse thoroughly. 

This Concrete and Driveway Cleaner and Oil Stain Remover is excellent for removing mortar splashes and limescale from brickwork.

The concrete cleaner will remove efflorescence, lime cement grout and mortar stains from pavements, bricks, cobblelock, tiles and glass. 

Concrete and Driveway Cleaner can also be used by professionals for Acid Etching of Concrete, Quarry tiles and Terrazzo based floors.

Please note this product should never be mixed with other cleaning solutions it is designed for the cleaning of Concrete, Tiles, Stone, Terrazzo,  Brickwork and any mineral type flooring. 


Concrete Cleaner 1x 5Ltr

€26.69 Regular Price
€21.69Sale Price
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