Washroom Services

At AFM, we work with some of the leading providers in relation to feminine hygiene in Ireland. Our partners will provide you with a reliable, professional service which ensures your feminine hygiene requirements are met in a manner that ensures that you, your staff and your customers are safeguarded. Our providers have extensive knowledge regarding clients needs and requirements including managing health, social and environmental concerns have been dealt with satisfactorily and legally.

This customised service is driven by your:

  • needs

  • frequency

  • volumes


Sanitary Bin Service

Our sanitary bins ensure a safe and hygienic sanitary disposal facility in toilet cubicles and they are also discreet and simple to use. They can be either pedal or sensor (non-touch) operated, removing all unnecessary skin contact whilst ensuring total discretion.

With Zero skin contact, this product provides the utmost health, safety, comfort and reassurance for everyone. All bins are treated with germicides to eliminate harmful bacteria and odours while helping you to remain fully compliant with all legal standards. All vehicles carry all the necessary waste collection permits. Everything is disposed of in an environmentally friendly and compliant manner in a zero landfill disposal solution.

We operate seven days a week with daily, weekly and monthly services. These collections are tailored to your business and can be increased at anytime during the year. All operatives are fully trained and carry handheld devices to help with reporting and proof of service.

Naturally, each customer has different requirements and so we provide a wide range of bins and colour options in different sizes to accommodate cubicles with various dimensions. They all come with a modesty flap ensuring no contents are visible.

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Nappy Disposal Service

We provide a full and thorough nappy disposal service to our clients using anti-bacterial nappy bins in toilets and baby changing facilities. These bins are 60 litres in size and are discreet, simple to use and pedal or sensor (non-touch) operated so that all unnecessary skin contact is removed.


The bins are visually pleasing with internal liners that cannot be seen by a parent or carer using them. 

By removing all skin contact and treating all bins with germicides we bring peace of mind and the highest levels of health, safety and hygiene to everyone: staff, customers, visitors and babies alike.

Our services are always fully compliant with legislation and all vans always carry all of the necessary waste collection permits. Nappies are disposed of in an environmentally friendly way in a zero landfill solution.

We collect nappy bins seven days a week with a daily, weekly or monthly service tailored to your needs. If you require extra collections at busy times such as weekends, then let us know and we’ll take care of it.

For increased safety, security and peace of mind, all operatives are fully uniformed and easily identifiable. They are all fully trained to make sure that our services are carried out to the highest standards and they carry handheld devices for reporting and proof of service purposes.

We provide a wide range of bins and colour options in different sizes to accommodate cubicles with various dimensions. They all come with a modesty flap ensuring no contents are visible.

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Air Freshener Service

It’s a simple fact: washrooms need air fresheners. Odours can be a problem in any washroom but we have the answer with systems that make everything smell clean and fresh all of the time.

We have three different state-of-the-art battery and mains-operated air fresheners for you to choose from: in black, chrome or white finishes to compliment your washroom décor. They feature a sleek, slim design which fit in with your classic or modern interior washroom design. They’re easy to install and maintain and very quickly create refreshing, welcoming environment for staff, customers and visitors.

Our Air Freshener releases digitally-controlled and measured fragrance doses in to the air in your washroom. It’s very flexible and is adjustable, dispersing fragrances regularly every one to 60 minutes with the built-in clock and timer (we recommend every 15 minutes). 

We have a wide range of air freshener fragrances for you to choose from, all of which have been rigorously tested and approved for use. They have been selected because they are best-in-class units, efficiently and effortlessly creating a clean atmosphere, neutralising any bad odours, killing any malodors and showing the world that your toilets are well maintained. 

Because our units are battery operated they are really easy to install and maintain without the need for electrics.


Our trained specialist will replace the fragrance on each monthly visit but each unit is also intelligent and activates a small red light when the battery is down to only 30 days remaining and the specialist will change the batteries for zero downtime of the unit.

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Soap Dispensers

Choose from a range of standard and premium soap dispensers for your washroom. We will try to match your washroom décor and find the perfect finish for your interior design.

We provide wall-mounted and free-standing countertop soap dispensers with or without locks which are secure and tamper proof to help prevent bottles of expensive soap going missing (we can also replace empty, missing or damaged bottles).

Our luxury soaps are very popular with our clients and their washroom users because a little can go a long way and this leads to better hand hygiene because one dose is enough to cover the hands thoroughly. Good design and an integral dispensing valve means the risk of spreading bacteria via the dispensing point is eliminated.

Washroom users will be satisfied as they get a better experience and the product feels like a premium soap, leaving hands clean, fragrant and soft. Antibacterial hand wash with fragrance kills germs and helps skin maintain its natural barrier against infection and disease.

The dispensers themselves are made from certified 304 stainless steel from Germany and Sweden and you can choose a finish that includes hand polished, chrome or powder-coated in various colours.

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Sanitary Vending Machines

In most ladies’ washrooms, sanitary vending has become an important way for employers to show they care about their staff and customers. It’s a service that brings comfort and assurance and many of our clients feel it is a duty they should perform for their own staff and visitors.

We can supply, maintain and stock vending machines that will dispense a mix of tampons and sanitary towels. We also supply other vending machines which can dispense everything from condoms to tooth brushes.

Vending machines are a great way to make your staff and customers feel cared for but in reality it’s a very easy thing for you to do: there is no need for cash handling or stock holding of vending products on site.

All vending machines are robust, attractive and reliable and are manufactured to the highest standards. We will install them with the minimum fuss and they are secured with a unique radical locking system.

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