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Wiping Paper Tork Reflex, 1 Ply, 300m x 6pcs with large central feed, 300 meters in length.

Multi-functional wiping paper that quickly absorbs and wipes oils and liquids.
Product certified Ecolabel and approved for contact with food products.

Technical data Wiping Paper Tork Reflex, 1 Ply, 300m x 6pcs:

System: M4 - Reflex System with large central feed
Material: Pure cellulose
Dimensions: Roll length: 300 m x Roll width: 19.8 cm x Roll diameter: 19.5 cm x Sheet length: 35 cm x Number of sheets/roll: 857
Number of plies: 1
Number of rolls in box: 6 pieces
Color: White
Roll weight: 8.909 kg
Printed: No
Embossed: Yes

Tork M4 Reflex Wiping Paper White 2 Ply 473264 6 Rolls of 857 Sheets

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