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  • Low cost, no service contract required, convenient sanitary waste solution. Reduces carbon footprint, no van collections.

  • Unique flat pack design, easy to store and assemble. Environmentally friendly, ergonomically designed to fit easily into modular cubicles.

  • Lasts up to 3 months before replacement is required. With built-in antimicrobial, odour resistant, moisture-resistant properties.


Discover Sanni Bin: Your eco-friendly and efficient solution for sanitary waste disposal.
Sanni Bin is a friendly solution that reduces costs, minimises environmental impact, and supports businesses sustainability goals. A bespoke eco-friendly alternative to an essential service.
With no surprise service fees, Sannibin provides convenience for any business, being able to dispose of the bin with other general waste*. So, no need for external contractors to maintain and collect. Go green today!
With a lightweight, flat-pack design, that is easy to store and assemble.

Suitable for all workplace restrooms as an internal disposable solution. Supplied in a convenient flat pack of 10, with each bin holding up to 1kg of waste.

The bin itself has odour and moisture absorption featuring anti-microbial properties, reducing the risk of cross-contamination and ensuring a hygienic space.

*No need to notify your waste provider - To exceed 7kg of 'offensive' waste you need to have more than 200 service users on site all disposing of sanitary waste in the same week.

Sanni Bin Sanitary Disposal Flat Pack Hygiene Bin - Pack of 10

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