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  • Non-sterile disposable medical gloves made of nitrile in blue FarmaGloves. These are classic powder-free black nitrile gloves, barrier against bacteria, fungi and viruses. Textured at the fingertips. The gloves can be used universally and dirt cannot be seen on them.
  • Product Type: Medicinal and protective The pack contains 100 diagnostic/protective gloves Size XS, S, M, L, XL
  • Suitable for single use Use: food processing, household and mechanical work, cleaning Powder-free, coated with polymer on the inside Made of nitrile Universal, suitable for left and right hand Instructions for use Declaration of Conformity Nitrile gloves are a synthetic product that we offer in different colors. Compared to other types of gloves, they are significantly more resistant to chemicals and punctures. Their biggest advantage is that they do not cause allergic reactions.
  • Nitrile is the most suitable material for use in healthcare, food processing, cleaning or cosmetics. Where can you use nitrile gloves? nursing dentistry veterinary medicine beauty salons hair salons tattoo parlors gastronomy Automotive industry and mechanical industry electronics industry small assembly work housework and gardening Why are nitrile gloves a good choice? Comfortable, super soft and elastic powder-free nitrile gloves offer additional safety in many applications. They're called synthetic latex gloves for a reason. Thanks to the improved technology and the constantly improving production process, the gloves offer excellent touch sensitivity, maximum freedom of movement and reduce hand fatigue. They do not contain natural latex and are an excellent alternative for people with sensitive hand skin.
  • Glove type: examination glove, protective, non-sterile Colour blue Form: universal, right/left-fitting Powder: powder free Outer Surface: Micro-textured with added texture on the fingertips AQL: 1.5 – Medical device / Category III B – Personal protective equipment Sizes:  S, M, L, XL Manufacturer Top glove Color Blue number of pieces 100 glove size L EAN 0608011636395




Nitrile Gloves Blue Powder Free (1x100)

€5.49 Regular Price
€4.67Sale Price
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