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Fairy Original provides the ultra long-lasting cleaning power you expect for your washing up. Its concentrated formula cuts through grease instantly giving a brilliant clean. 

-CONCENTRATED FORMULA : Fairy Original Washing Up Liquid gives you the cleaning power you can always count on. Its concentrated formula cuts through tough grease instantly to give you a brilliant clean.

-TOUGH ON STAINS : With first time cleaning action, even cleans dried on grease, Tough stain removal and shine function, Built-in salt and rinse aid action with also glass and silver protection. Keeps your dishwasher smelling clean and fresh.

-GREASE-CUTTING POWER : Its long-lasting drops with incredible grease-cutting power. Just one liquid drop goes a long way and gives you enough suds and bubbles to clean a whole meal’s worth of dishes.

Fairy Washing Up Dishwashing Liquid 1x433ml

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