Bold Lotus Flower and Lily laundry detergent gives you great cleaning with long lasting freshness. Breathe new life and colour into your clothes from the first wash. With no need for pre-washing and pre-soaking to save water and energy. With 100 washes from the one bottle of detergent, it is more economical to buy and better for the environment. Containing enzymes that break stains and dirt down from the inside out - lifting dirt with ease. Phosphate and bleach free. Recommended for professional use. Keep away from Children.

Bold White Liquid 5L (100 Wash)

    • The perfume system delivers a pleasant and fresh scent laundry
    • Outstanding cleaning results and long lasting freshness even without pre-washing or pre-soaking
    • Makes your laundry smell fresh for longer, even surviving ironing and tumble drying
    • Phosphate and bleach free
    • Concentrated formula makes it more economical and environmentally friendly.
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