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Lightweight and comfortable to wear, the Nilfisk GD5 backpack vacuum provides freedom and flexibility without compromising on power. Place this Nilfisk vacuum on your back and you’ll be able to clean while you walk around, with no need to worry about tugging a vacuum around. It's also incredibly quiet, ensuring that you can use this vacuum in noise-sensitive areas.
•Portable vacuum cleaner with backpack straps supplied with a telescopic aluminium tube, a conical hose, a combi nozzle attachment, a 5L sack filter and a HEPA filter.
•Ideal for noise-sensitive areas due to the quiet motor, making this vacuum backpack ideal for public areas, theatres, cafes, restaurants, offices, creches, hospital's / maternity hospital's and more.
•Weight: 5.3 KG.
•Airflow: 21.7 / 26.7.
•Voltage: 36.
•Fast Charging.
•Length, Width & Height: 240 x 330 x 755 cm.


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