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  • Mop Head Size: 39/46cm x 13.5cm
  • Mop Style: Velcro Microfiber Mop Pad 
  • Yarn: Microfiber Weave 
  • Yarn Length: Short Hair 
  • Colour Tabs:  Blue

The above microfiber mop pad can be used with any 40cm velcro mop pad holder
This 40cm Microfiber Mop Pad has color-coded tabs fitted. The Microfiber mop pad is for use with our Velcro Mop Holders. Microfiber Mop Pads are mainly used for damp mopping and disinfecting of medium-soiled safety flooring. This microfiber mop pad is perfect for use with a colour-coded cleaning system. It is designed allows you to leave the necessary color tab on to identify what area it will be used in. Red for bathrooms/toilets, Green for kitchens/catering areas, blue for general/front-of-house areas, and yellow for high-risk. The microfiber mop pads are ideal for damp mopping floors in hotels, houses, offices, and hospitals. 
Thanks to its unique structure and design, the microfiber mop pad absorbs more dirt and bacteria than traditional mops. This is due to the microfiber mop pad's advanced yarn capillarity giving it a larger and wider cleaning surface area. 
Microfiber mop pads easily trap dirt and absorb even the finest particles of dirt, dust, and grime leaving a clean surface that is smear and scratch-free. Microfiber mop pads give guaranteed professional cleaning results thanks to the thinnest of fibers which can penetrate all micro pores on any surface even Altro flooring. Microfiber mop pads will clean much quicker with less effort, resulting in a more hygienically cleaner floor than the traditional mopping systems.
This short-haired Microfiber Mop pad is the perfect solution for cleaning Altro flooring, grip floors, safety floors, unfinished marble floors, or any rough finished flooring. 

40 CM Velcro Microfibre Flat Mop Head

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