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AFM Ireland is very proud of the strong partnership we have grown with our client within the Leisure Industry over the past number of years. During that time, we have shown a commitment to quality, led by a winning team. We understand that your goal is to appoint a supplier who brings best practice, flexibility and innovation in daily cleaning services in order to drive down costs whilst enhancing quality.


We understand and commit to delivering on key aspects of your culture and values which mirror our own:

  • Passion for our Customers

  • Passion for our People

  • Passion for Results

Our values guide us in creating an environment where our clients' expectations and our shared, enduring values drive the decisions and behavior of our entire company. We practice the highest standard of personal and corporate ethics in all our interactions, continually strengthening our heritage of building relationships through honesty, trustworthiness and reliability.


In AFM Ireland, we respect the unique contributions of every employee, valuing the diversity of their experiences, ideas and initiatives. We ensure that everyone has the opportunity to learn and contribute to the company in a way that enriches both their personal and professional development. AFM Ireland is at all times committed to upholding the highest standards of professionalism and performance.


Our core strength is understanding our clients. This enables us to build strong working relationships so we can work closely to find the most cost effective solutions while still providing a level of service that will produce a clean, healthy work environment. 


AFM Ireland’s experienced management and supervisory team perform routine quality control checks throughout all site buildings to insure you are receiving the highest level of service possible. Through consistent staff scheduling and reduced turnover, our team members develop routines that achieve a high degree of efficiency.

We have the experience and expertise to provide our services to client operating in a small gym up to large multi-functional Leisure Centres with branches across the country. All services are provided nationwide throughout the year.

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Management Team

Our experienced management team with outstanding credentials are headed by Mark Reilly. This team had the strength and resources to provide our clients with the highest quality service at the right price. This successful formula has resulted in the steady growth of the company over the past number of years.


We strive to provide focus and commitment to all our clients with attention to detail being of paramount importance. We understand the need for evolving within a constantly changing and demanding marketplace. This is supported by the use of leading edge technology in all of our operations. We understand the need to provide a quality service with excellence and vision 24 hours per day 7 days per week to all our clients.

Our dedicated Area Managers are on hand to meet with our clients on a regular basis and complete site audits to guarantee that the highest standard of cleaning is maintained at all times. We place great emphasis on ensuring that our clients have a continuity of service and staff that are specific to the sites. Where required we appoint a site supervisor to manage the day to day issues and to liaise with the clients facilities manager. The site supervisor is supported by a strong team which includes the Area Manager, Operations Director, Technical Services Manager and Health and Safety Manager including the Managing Director.

Additional Services we supply to the Leisure Industry

What we offer you?

AFM's Leisure Facility Specialists understand that the hygiene, facility management and cleaning needs of Gyms and Leisure Facilities is different to most Facility Management services.

It is for this reason we have developed a service that is not limited to a daily cleaning schedule but a full range of Facility Management Services to cater for your needs.

We understand that these facilities require attention to detail with a flexibility in service delivery to ensure all clients requests are fulfilled in a timely manner. Our online Facility Management and Time and Attendance Platforms allow or management team to be more proactive when managing the day to day activities onsite. This allows our clients to concentrate on their core business as we take away the headaches!

Reasons to Choose AFM as your Leisure Facilities Partner?

  • Highly experienced working with prestigious Leisure centres of excellent.

  • Garda Vetted Cleaning Specialists

  • Online FMX Platform to ensure full compliance

  • Award winning services

  • Professional and reliable

  • Time & Attendance Software with Staff Roster notifications

  • Nationwide services

  • Customised service to suit every budget

  • Available 24/7 – 365 days

  • Fully managed cleaning solutions

  • Cost effective quality solutions




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