Consumables Supplies

At AFM Ireland, we self deliver on all our consumables supplies. We have a dedicated team which manages all aspects of the consumables side of the business. Our Purchasing and Procurement Manager has supply lines direct to the manufacturers both locally and internationally. It is these successful partnerships that give us full control of all orders and deliveries throughout Ireland.


Our Logistics Mangers has a team of drivers and warehouse personnel to ensure our supply lines remain open at all times. In addition to the Logistics Managers team they are supported by the AFM Industrial team with additional vans as back up in the event of emergencies. On occasions we use reputable courier companies when required. This ensures no disruption to the service we provide to our clients     

AFM Ireland has a modern warehouse facility in which we ensure there is adequate stock levels based on our clients’ needs and any unforseen events. This ensures continuity of supply with no added expense to our clients. Our inventory control processes ensure all orders are delivered within 48 hours.


Account Types

We offer our customers 2 types of Accounts:

  • Service Account

  • Online Account

Service Account

This Account can only be setup when AFM Ireland is providing an additional regular service to a customer. These services can include:

  • Daily Cleaning Service

  • Scheduled FM Maintenance Checks

  • Scheduled PPM Industrial Works


Service Account Benefits

credit 1.jpg

30 Days Credit


Free Deliveries


Standing Monthly Orders to simplify the process


Personalised Rates - receive discounts based on shipping volumes

Fast Delivery - all orders shipped within 2 days

Designated Account Manager to manage all orders

Online Account

This Account is for all orders placed through our online shop. Customers do not need to have other services with AFM Ireland. 


Online Shop Benefits


Easy of Use

Free Deliveries on orders over €75

Wholesale Prices


Purchase to meet your budget


After Sales Service Support to ensure customer satisfaction 


We deliver Nationwide

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