Waste Management

At AFM, we work with some of the leading waste management service providers Ireland. Our partners will provide you with a reliable, professional service which ensures your waste and recycling requirements are met in a manner that is innovative and competitive with an excellent customer service support team.  Our providers have extensive knowledge regarding clients needs and requirements including managing health, social and environmental concerns have been dealt with satisfactorily and legally.

This customised service is driven by your:

  • needs

  • frequency

  • volumes


Wheelie Bin Service

Our experienced account managers will help you agree a tailored collection schedule to suit your business needs.

We also supply a full range of bin bags and compostable bin liners for the segregation and containment of food waste. By you using your brown bin you can help the environment and better manage and protect our environment from pollution. Segregating your kitchen and garden waste into your brown bin allows it to be reused and turned into compost for landscaping.

What items can I put in my brown bin?

Your brown bin is an organic waste bin designed to minimize the amount of waste disposed of in your black general waste bin. Using a brown bin can reduce the amount of waste in your black bin by up to 30%.


The following items are acceptable in your brown bin – cooked meat, fish, poultry and bones, vegetables and fruit peelings, rice, pasta, bread, cakes, biscuits, eggs, egg shells, yoghurt, cheeses and other dairy products.


Garden waste such as, dead plants, grass, weeds, hedge clippings and paper napkins can also be put in the bin. For hygiene reasons we recommend you have the bin collected at least every week.

What items are not acceptable in my brown bin?

Your brown waste bin is for organic (food and garden) waste only. The following items are not acceptable in your brown bin – plastics, metals, glass, porcelain or tile, tin foil, sweets and crisps wrappers, juice cartons of any kind, glossy paper or magazines, coal, rock, gravel, soil, stones, clay, human or animal litter, light bulbs, batteries, electrical good, shoes and clothing. Do not put plastic bags in your brown bin, if you are concerned about your brown bin smelling you can purchase bio-degradable bags from AFM Ireland on in our Online Shop. Click here.


Recycling Service

With the ever increasing volume of packaging waste being produced, it is important that companies and individuals properly manage and recycle their packaging waste.

AFM Ireland provide a collection service for baled segregated recyclables such as cardboard, plastics and aluminium. We also provide a scheduled wheelie bin or loose bag collection service for dry mixed recycling.

Dry Mixed Recycling

Please ensure that all recyclables are washed before disposing of the material in your recycling bin. A bin may be classified as contaminated if material has as any traces of food waste or black bags in it.

What can I put in my green bin?

Your green bin is used for dry mixed recyclable waste. The following items are accepted in your green bin:

  • Cartons – e.g. – milk, juice, soup.

  • Plastic bottles

  • Paper and newspapers

  • Junk mail and magazines

  • Aluminium cans/foil

  • Light cardboard – Cereal / biscuit Boxes, Cardboard Packaging

  • Telephone directories

  • Pizza boxes

  • All clean plastics

What items are not acceptable in my green bin?

  • No Glass / Ceramics

  • No Plastic Bags / Plastic Film

  • No Green Waste (Kitchen or Garden)

  • No Clothes / Shoes

  • No Food

  • No Aerosols

  • No Meat Wrappings

  • No Nappies / Sanitary Items


Glass Collection Service

Whether you produce a large or small volume of glass we have a solution to suit your requirements. We can supply wheelie bins for small to medium volumes of glass and bottle bins for larger amounts, depending on storage and access.

Remember to always wash out your glass products before disposing of them. As a food stained bottle or non-glass waste item can contaminate a full bin. Please ensure glass colours are correctly segregated into the right bin.

waste glass1.jpg

Electronic Waste (WEEE)

AFM Ireland offer a complete collection, management and recycling service for all types of electrical waste. This service provides clients with a safe, secure and compliant recycling programme for redundant electrical waste.

Our service includes:

  • Free assessment and cost estimate.

  • Collection of white goods including fridge freezers.

  • Collection and recycling of redundant IT and office equipment including CRT monitors.

  • We provide certificates of destruction as required.

  • Scheduled WEEE collection, includes the provision of a disposal cage to contain redundant IT equipment and an agreed scheduled service.


We also provide a full data destruction service for hard drives, cassettes tapes, floppy disks, etc. A certificate of destruction is provided when items are destroyed.


Clinical & Hazardous Waste

AFM Ireland provide for the collection of over 550 waste types, many of these waste types include clinical and hazardous waste. Our nationwide clinical collection and disposal service includes the collection and management of sharps, cytotoxic waste and yellow bags.

We also provide training on safe handling and containment of clinical waste.

The safe management of both clinical and hazardous waste is paramount, equally on the producer’s site and during the transport and disposal process. We ensure our clients are compliant and communicate any regulatory changes and advice on how these changes may affect our clients.

Our hazardous waste service includes the management and disposal of waste oil, contaminated soils, liquid waste, asbestos and paints. We manage the disposal of hundreds of EWC codes for our clients.